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  1. Source Data for "Multipartite stabilization of the C. beijerincki pfl ZTP aptamer disfavors terminator hairpin folding by gating strand invasion"

    Description: These files include source datasets for the article "Multipartite stabilization of the C. beijerincki pfl ZTP aptamer disfavors terminator hairpin folding by gating strand invasion"
    Keyword: Transcription, Cotranscriptional SHAPE-Seq, RNA Folding, ZTP Riboswitch, and Riboswitch
    Subject: Molecular biology
    Creator: Eric J. Strobel
    Contributor: Katherine E. Berman, Paul D. Carlson, Luyi Cheng, and Julius B. Lucks
    Owner: ejs1801
    Date Uploaded: 01/15/2019
    Date Modified: 01/15/2019
    Date Created: 2019-01-15
    Rights: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International
    Resource Type: Dataset
  2. Deconstructing cell-free extract preparation for in vitro activation of transcriptional genetic circuitry

    Description: Recent advances in cell-free gene expression (CFE) systems have enabled their use for a host of synthetic biology applications, particularly for rapid prototyping of genetic circuits and biosensors. Despite the proliferation of cell-free protein synthesis platforms, the large number of currently existing protocols for making CFE extracts muddles the collective...
    Keyword: cell extract, genetic circuitry, TX-TL, CFPS, endogenous transcription, CFE, cell-free synthetic biology, and in vitro protein synthesis
    Subject: Genetic regulation and Synthetic biology
    Creator: Nancy Kelley-Loughnane, Julius B. Lucks, Adam D. Silverman, and Michael C. Jewett
    Owner: Julius Beau Lucks
    Publisher: American Chemical Society
    Language: English
    Date Uploaded: 12/14/2018
    Date Modified: 12/17/2018
    Date Created: 12/14/18
    Rights: Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 International
    Resource Type: Dataset
  3. Visualizing the US congress

    Description: The ideology scores of US Congress members over time, quantified from how similarly they voted on bills. I present an interactive visualization for the US Congress members’ ideology. The data used are ideology scores of US Congress members 1789-2015. The ideology scores are quantified from the Congress members’ voting records...
    Keyword: crd18
    Creator: Vicky Chuqiao Yang
    Owner: Scholarly Digital Publishing
    Date Uploaded: 06/03/2018
    Date Modified: 06/03/2018
    Date Created: 2018-04-10
    Rights: In Copyright
    Resource Type: Dataset
  4. Signatures of human impact on self-organized vegetation in the Horn of Africa, Data and code supporting the manuscript

    Description: In many dryland environments, vegetation self-organizes into bands that can be clearly identified in remotely-sensed imagery. The status of individual bands can be tracked over time, allowing for a detailed remote analysis of how human populations affect the vital balance of dryland ecosystems. In this study, we characterize vegetation change...
    Keyword: image processing, aerial photography, MATLAB, and satellite imagery
    Creator: Gowda, Karna
    Contributor: Silber, Mary and Iams, Sarah
    Owner: Karna Gowda
    Language: English
    Date Uploaded: 11/22/2017
    Date Modified: 11/22/2017
    Rights: In Copyright
    Resource Type: Dataset, Image, and Other
  5. The tipping point: a mathematical model for the profit-driven abandonment of restaurant tipping

    Description: The custom of voluntarily tipping for services rendered has gone in and out of fashion in America since its introduction in the 19th century. Restaurant owners that ban tipping in their establishments often claim that social justice drives their decisions, but we show that rational profit-maximization may also justify the...
    Keyword: mathematical model, restaurant, gratuity, dynamical system, and tipping
    Creator: Clifton, Sara M.
    Owner: Sara Melinda Clifton
    Date Uploaded: 08/07/2017
    Date Modified: 02/06/2018
    Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 United States
    Resource Type: Dataset