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  1. Beyond Binary: What the Vampire Squid from Hell Can Teach Us About Access and Ethics in the Digital Humanities

    Description: The following talk/workshop was presented at the Digital Humanities Summer Workshop at Northwestern University on September 7, 2016.
    Keyword: digital humanities
    Creator: Josh Honn
    Owner: Josh Honn
    Location: Northwestern University
    Language: English
    Date Uploaded: 04/21/2017
    Date Modified: 04/21/2017
    Date Created: 2016-09-07
    Rights: Attribution 3.0 United States
    Resource Type: Presentation
  2. Capturing Qualitative Data: Northwestern University Special Libraries’ Acknowledgments Database

    Description: Assessment and supporting data have become of increasing interest in librarianship. In this paper, we describe the development and implementation of the Northwestern University Library Acknowledgments Database tool, which gathers and documents qualitative data, as well as its component reporting function. This collaborative project and resulting products demonstrate how librarians...
    Keyword: libraries, endnote, and assessment
    Creator: Michelle Guittar, Geoffrey Morse, and Sara Stigberg
    Owner: Michelle Anne Guittar
    Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
    Location: Northwestern University
    Date Uploaded: 01/06/2017
    Date Modified: 03/10/2017
    Date Created: 2015-10-01
    Rights: All rights reserved
    Resource Type: Article