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  1. Hybrid statistical and mechanistic mathematical model guides mobile health intervention for chronic pain

    Description: Nearly a quarter of visits to the Emergency Department are for conditions that could have been managed via outpatient treatment; improvements that allow patients to quickly recognize and receive appropriate treatment are crucial. The growing popularity of mobile technology creates new opportunities for real-time adaptive medical intervention, and the simultaneous...
    Keyword: sickle cell disease, chronic pain, prediction, optimization, clinical trial, opioid, statistical model, mobile health, and dynamical system
    Creator: Clifton, Sara M.
    Contributor: Abrams, Daniel M.
    Owner: Sara Melinda Clifton
    Date Uploaded: 06/06/2017
    Date Modified: 06/06/2017
    Rights: All rights reserved
    Resource Type: Dataset
    Identifier: doi:10.21985/N24S3T,