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  1. Politica Northwestern

    Description: Politica Northwestern is the academic journal of Politics & Policy (P&P), a non-partisan undergraduate student publication seeking to encourage informed political conversation on college campuses around the country. Edited by students of Northwestern University, P&P represents a community of individuals interested in why world shaping events occur and what impact...
    Owner: Scholarly Digital Publishing
  2. Northwestern Open Access Fund

    Description: The Northwestern Open Access Fund supports Northwestern scholars who wish to make their journal articles openly available immediately upon publication and to support gold open access publishers around the world. This collection of scholarship was published using the fund.
    Keyword: Open Access
    Creator: Northwestern University Libraries
    Owner: Chris Diaz
  3. Disorders of Consciousness Scale-25 Items (DOCS25)

    Description: The DOCS25 is a collection of articles, administration manuals and clinical scoring form. This collection is available for clinicians and researchers to use with patients who are recovering consciousness.
    Keyword: Assessment, Traumatic Brain Injury, Disordered Consciounsness, Non-traumatic Brain Injiury , Neurobehavioral Manifestation, and Outcome Assessment
    Creator: Theresa Pape
    Contributor: Ann Guernon, Trudy Mallinson
    Owner: Theresa L Bender Pape
    Publisher: US Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Research and Development
    Language: English
    Date Created: June 23, 2017
    Resource Type: Report, Presentation, Article, Poster, Research Paper, Conference Proceeding, Video, Audio, and Other
  4. Undergraduate Research and Arts Expo

    Description: The Undergraduate Research and Arts Exposition is the annual forum for original research and creative work by undergraduate students at Northwestern University. Prizes are awarded for the best poster, oral presentation, and creative arts entry. This conference archive organizes the oral presentations, posters, and creative works from the Expo and...
    Owner: Scholarly Digital Publishing
  5. Enchiridion Leonis Papae (Enchiridion of Pope Leo III)

    Description: This project brings together five editions of a relatively under-studied grimoire, the "Enchiridion Leonis Papæ", and analyses them for the first time in an academic format. The analysis examines what little has been written about the "Enchiridion Leonis Papæ" as well as its legendary associations with Pope Leo III and...
    Keyword: Anthropology, Early Modern, Horae, Occult, Printing History, Middle Ages, Esoteric, Magic, History, Charlemagne, Grimoire, Carolingian Studies, and Medieval Studies
    Subject: Occult and Esoteric Studies, Medieval Studies, History, and Carolingian Studies
    Creator: Smith, Edward
    Owner: Ted Smith
    Publisher: University of York
    Language: Early Modern French, English, Old English, and Latin
    Date Created: September 2012
    Rights: In Copyright
    Resource Type: Masters Thesis
  6. AfricaPlus: Selected Articles

    Description: Selected articles from the AfricaPlus blog, edited by Richard Joseph.
    Keyword: nigeria, uganda, mali, south africa, and botswana
    Creator: Richard Joseph
    Contributor: Nicolas van de Walle, Goran Hyden, Attahiru Jega, Salih Nur, Rachel Riedl, Jerome McDonnell, Jeffrey Herbst, Nicholas van de Walle, Wale Adebanwi, Tim Kelsall, Moses Khisa, and John Campbell
    Owner: Chris Diaz
    Rights: All rights reserved
    Resource Type: Article
  7. Infrastructure Technology Institute Publications

    Description: Publications from Northwestern University's Infrastructure Technology Institute. "The Theme Of The Infrastructure Technology Institute Is To Develop Strategies And Tools To Protect And Improve The Condition, Capacity, And Performance Of The Nation’s Highway, Railroad, And Mass Transit Infrastructure Systems." The Infrastructure Technology Institute (ITI) developed advanced methods for monitoring infrastructure...
    Owner: Chris Diaz
    Rights: All rights reserved
    Identifier: doi:10.21985/N2TM1J
  8. Communication Studies Honors Theses

    Description: The Communication Studies Honors Program provides a special opportunity for advanced students to pursue an intellectual passion, acquire valuable research and writing skills, and complete their undergraduate career with distinction. Through guided development of an independent study research project, the student produces a scholarly paper, laboratory research report, or other...
    Creator: Department of Communication Studies
    Owner: Scholarly Digital Publishing