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  1. Enchiridion Leonis Papae (Enchiridion of Pope Leo III)

    Description: This project brings together five editions of a relatively under-studied grimoire, the "Enchiridion Leonis Papæ", and analyses them for the first time in an academic format. The analysis examines what little has been written about the "Enchiridion Leonis Papæ" as well as its legendary associations with Pope Leo III and...
    Keyword: Middle Ages, History, Printing History, Charlemagne, Grimoire, Horae, Magic, Anthropology, Medieval Studies, Esoteric, Carolingian Studies, Occult, and Early Modern
    Subject: History, Occult and Esoteric Studies, Medieval Studies, and Carolingian Studies
    Creator: Smith, Edward
    Owner: Ted Smith
    Publisher: University of York
    Language: Early Modern French, Old English, Latin, and English
    Date Created: September 2012
    Rights: In Copyright
    Resource Type: Masters Thesis