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  1. Cardiovascular risk factor screening and management of obese patients at an outpatient pediatric cardiology center

    Description: Objective: To evaluate documentation of cardiovascular (CV) risk factors and obesity management by pediatric cardiologists. Study design: Review of medical records of obese (≥95th body mass index percentile) 2–17 year-old children presenting to outpatient pediatric cardiology over 1 year. Subjects were categorized as: heart disease (HD) with increased risk for...
    Keyword: Obesity, Congential heart disease, Cardiovascular risk factors, Children, and Pediatric
    Creator: Margaret Greco, Soyang Kwon, Arun Sood, and Adolfo J. Ariza
    Owner: Chris Diaz
    Publisher: Springer
    Language: English
    Date Uploaded: 01/19/2017
    Date Modified: 01/19/2017
    Date Created: 2016-10-24
    Rights: Attribution 3.0 United States
    Resource Type: Article
    Identifier: DOI 10.1186/s40064-016-3340-9