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  1. Effects of Applied Music Composition and Improvisation Assignments on Sight-Reading Ability, Learning in Music Theory and Quality in Soprano Recorder Playing

    Description: The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of applied improvisation and composition assignments that were related to and reinforcing of curriculum content on fifth-grade students' ability to sight-read traditional music notation, ability to learn to play the soprano recorder, and understanding of music theory. Specifically, the research...
    Keyword: learning, divergent, recorder, convergent, composition, and creativity
    Subject: Music Education
    Creator: Lois Veenhoven Guderian
    Owner: Scholarly Digital Publishing
    Date Uploaded: 09/14/2018
    Date Modified: 09/14/2018
    Date Created: 2008-11-04
    Rights: In Copyright
    Resource Type: Dissertation
  2. Young children learning from touch screens: Taking a wider view

    Description: Touch screen devices such as smartphones and tablets are now ubiquitous in the lives of American children. These devices permit very young children to engage interactively in an intuitive fashion with actions as simple as touching, swiping and pinching. Yet, we know little about the role these devices play in...
    Keyword: learning, center on media and human development, psychology, touch screens, and very young children
    Creator: Sandra R. Waxman and Silvia B. Lovato
    Owner: Michelle Anne Guittar
    Date Uploaded: 03/10/2017
    Date Modified: 05/08/2017
    Date Created: 2016-07-18
    Rights: Attribution 3.0 United States
    Resource Type: Article