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  1. Enabling n-Channel Oligomer and Polymer Semiconductors Through Rational Design, Synthesis, Computational Modeling, and Temperature Dependent Field Effect Transistor Study

    Description: Conjugated organic molecules and polymers hold significant promise for use as active materials in electronic devices. Employing such "soft" materials can decrease cost of device fabrication, while enabling unique properties such as mechanical flexibility, large-area coverage, and highly tunable materials properties. A primary roadblock to the realization of this dream...
    Keyword: n-channel FET, computationally-aided, multiple trapping and release, and organic semiconductor
    Subject: Chemistry
    Creator: Joseph Adam Letizia
    Owner: Scholarly Digital Publishing
    Date Uploaded: 08/29/2018
    Date Modified: 08/29/2018
    Date Created: 2007-12-11
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    Resource Type: Dissertation