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  1. Vacancy Clustering Phenomena in Silcon Carbide Reactor Components: A Multiple Time-Scale Atomistic Problem

    Description: The goal of this dissertation was to elucidate the coalescence of vacancies in the cubic polytype of silicon carbide in a nuclear reactor relevant system. Large-scale empirical potential atomistic simulations were employed and the exploration of long time-scale behavior was performed through a new application of the parallel replica dynamics...
    Keyword: damage, SiC, silicon carbide, molecular dynamics, cascade, and radiation
    Subject: Mechanical Engineering
    Creator: David Edward Farrell
    Owner: Scholarly Digital Publishing
    Date Uploaded: 09/14/2018
    Date Modified: 09/14/2018
    Date Created: 2008-10-06
    Rights: In Copyright
    Resource Type: Dissertation
  2. How Protraction Moderates Radiation Risk in Animal Mortality Studies

    Description: Radiation is a ubiquitous health risk. Contemporary populations are exposed to several hundred milliSieverts per person over their lifetimes from both natural and human made sources such as radon, cosmic rays, CT-scans, etc. Risk estimates based on studies of atomic bomb survivors suggest that these exposures induce excess cancer mortality...
    Keyword: radiation, DDREF, and protraction
    Subject: Driskill Graduate Training Program in Life Sciences
    Creator: Benjamin McGee Haley
    Owner: Scholarly Digital Publishing
    Date Uploaded: 03/13/2018
    Date Modified: 03/13/2018
    Date Created: 2017-01-01
    Rights: In Copyright
    Resource Type: Dissertation