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  1. Bioinformatics Analysis of Top-Down Mass Spectrometry Data

    Description: Traditional bottom-up mass spectrometry-based proteomics relies on the use of an enzyme, often trypsin, to generate small peptides (typically < 25 amino acids long). In top-down proteomics, proteins remain intact and are directly measured within the mass spectrometer. This technique, while inherently simpler than bottom-up proteomics, generates data which must...
    Keyword: ProSight Lite, Top-down, Bioinformatics, Intact protein, Mass spectrometry, and Proteomics
    Creator: Paul M Thomas, Luca Fornelli, Ryan T Fellers, Neil L Kelleher, and Caroline J DeHart
    Depositor: Joseph Brent Greer
    Owner: Proteomics Center Of Excellence
    Publisher: Springer
    Date Uploaded: 08/03/2017
    Date Modified: 08/07/2017
    Date Created: 2017-02-02
    Rights: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States
    Resource Type: Dataset
    Identifier: doi:10.21985/N2Q07P
  2. Payment Reform Needed to Address Health Disparities of Undiagnosed Diabetic Retinopathy in the City of Chicago

    Description: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has expanded health coverage for thousands of Illinois residents. Expanded coverage, however, does not guarantee appropriate health care. Diabetes and its ocular complications serve as an example of how providers in underserved urban areas may not be able to keep up with new demand for...
    Keyword: opthalmology, telehealth, and diabetic retinopathy
    Creator: Jess J. Behrens, Michael Mbagwu, Curtis E. Margo, Kathryn L. Jackson, Charlesnika T. Evans, Theresa L. Walunas, Dustin D. French, and Abel N. Kho
    Owner: Chris Diaz
    Publisher: Springer
    Date Uploaded: 05/10/2017
    Date Modified: 05/10/2017
    Date Created: 2016-11-24
    Rights: Attribution 3.0 United States
    Resource Type: Article
    Identifier: doi:10.1007/s40123-016-0072-4
  3. Cardiovascular risk factor screening and management of obese patients at an outpatient pediatric cardiology center

    Description: Objective: To evaluate documentation of cardiovascular (CV) risk factors and obesity management by pediatric cardiologists. Study design: Review of medical records of obese (≥95th body mass index percentile) 2–17 year-old children presenting to outpatient pediatric cardiology over 1 year. Subjects were categorized as: heart disease (HD) with increased risk for...
    Keyword: Obesity, Congential heart disease, Cardiovascular risk factors, Children, and Pediatric
    Creator: Margaret Greco, Soyang Kwon, Arun Sood, and Adolfo J. Ariza
    Owner: Chris Diaz
    Publisher: Springer
    Language: English
    Date Uploaded: 01/19/2017
    Date Modified: 01/19/2017
    Date Created: 2016-10-24
    Rights: Attribution 3.0 United States
    Resource Type: Article
    Identifier: DOI 10.1186/s40064-016-3340-9