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  1. Nondestructive Monitoring of Setting and Hardening of Portland Cement Mortar with Sonic Methods

    Description: The setting and hardening process of concrete is considered to be the most critical time period during the life of a concrete structure. Previous research has been conducted on an ultrasonic wave reflection method that utilizes a steel plate embedded in the concrete to measure the reflection loss of shear...
    Keyword: Nondestructive testing
    Creator: Thomas Voigt and Surendra P. Shah
    Owner: Nurganym Agzamova
    Publisher: Northwestern University Libraries
    Language: English
    Date Uploaded: 07/19/2017
    Date Modified: 08/14/2017
    Date Created: 2003
    Rights: All rights reserved
    Resource Type: Conference Proceeding
  2. Residency Programs and Demonstrating Commitment to Diversity

    Description: This paper was presented on March, 28, 2015, at the Association for College and Research Libraries Conference in Portland, Oregon. Slides are also available for download. and Post-graduate internships, residencies, and fellowships have existed in research libraries since the 1930s, and have increasingly become a diversity recruitment and retention method of college and university libraries since the 1980s. These programs recruit recent graduates from Library and Information Science programs for training and specialization in some aspect of...
    Keyword: academic libraries and diversity in librarianship
    Creator: Chris Diaz and Kelly McElroy
    Owner: Chris Diaz
    Publisher: Association of College and Research Libraries
    Date Uploaded: 02/28/2017
    Date Modified: 02/28/2017
    Date Created: 2015-03-28
    Rights: All rights reserved
    Resource Type: Conference Proceeding
  3. Disorders of Consciousness Scale-25 Items (DOCS25)

    Description: The DOCS25 is a collection of articles, administration manuals and clinical scoring form. This collection is available for clinicians and researchers to use with patients who are recovering consciousness.
    Keyword: Disordered Consciounsness, Neurobehavioral Manifestation, Assessment, Non-traumatic Brain Injiury , Outcome Assessment, and Traumatic Brain Injury
    Creator: Theresa Pape
    Contributor: Ann Guernon, Trudy Mallinson
    Owner: Theresa L Bender Pape
    Publisher: US Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Research and Development
    Language: English
    Date Created: June 23, 2017
    Resource Type: Poster, Article, Report, Conference Proceeding, Presentation, Research Paper, Audio, Video, and Other