A Task That Must Be Done: Issues on the Federalists' Visual Propaganda in Nigerian Civil War

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The apparent interest today in Nigerian visual culture has necessitated this paper. Therefore, its primary focus shall be on the status of visual data from the burgeoning ephemera as a source of historical knowledge. Using selected visual illustrations in the posters, cartoons and photographs that were at the core of the Nigerian civil war campaign between 1967 and 1970, this paper attempts to review the visual propaganda approach of the Federal Government of Nigeria in the civil war. It seeks to employ the tools of art historical discourse to analyse the techniques and styles vis-à-vis the themes and the contexts of production of these ephemera by the Federalists’ campaign in order to underscore as a summary, the role of the antecedent issues often harnessed to exacerbate and propagate crisis in the politics of might in today’s Nigeria.

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  • 11/13/2018
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