Nigeria: The Way Forward (after the annulled 1993 election)

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When this testimony was given, there was still hope that Ibrahim Babangida would transfer the presidency to the elected Moshood Abiola before he left office on August 27, 1993. In that way, Nigeria would join the wave of post-Cold War democratizing nations. I had earlier called for a “transition in the transition”, a “Third-and-a-Half Republic”, having lost faith that the “organized confusion” of Babangida’s waning rule would endow the country with a stable democracy. His regime, I contended, had become “remarkably clever in using the arguments of democracy to postpone and prevent democracy” and was responsible for “the most sustained exercise in political chicanery ever visited on a people.” The call for a national conference to resolve the confusion and loss of government legitimacy intensified, and it persisted throughout the subsequent descent into tyranny.

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