Pluralizing Critical Theory

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Last Updated: 2021-08-05

In cooperation with the Center for Humanities and Social Change Berlin and the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs, we invite all scholars to contribute to this collection, seminar plans and syllabi which serve to pluralize teaching in the field of critical theory/s. The list of categories according to which the submitted seminar plans and syllabi are arranged is intended as an initial orientation and will be gradually expanded and adapted. The project is inspired by a number of similar initiatives, such as the APA Inclusivity Syllabus Collection, but has a clear focus on teaching in the German-speaking context. This collection arose out of a common interest, particularly in Germany, to find new ways of teaching critical theory/s. In the area of critical theory formation, seminar plans and syllabi are often shaped by white, European and male authors, while other theoretical traditions, local discourses, and schools are less visible.

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