SDSS star-galaxy classification data set

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This data set includes photometric features as measured by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS; that can be used as a training set in a machine learning model to separate galaxies and stars. It is used as part of a problem developed for the LSSTC Data Science Fellowship Program. The query of the SDSS data base to produce this data set was: SELECT TOP 20000 p.psfMag_r, p.fiberMag_r, p.fiber2Mag_r, p.petroMag_r, p.deVMag_r, p.expMag_r, p.modelMag_r, p.cModelMag_r, s.class FROM PhotoObjAll AS p JOIN specObjAll s ON s.bestobjid = p.objid WHERE p.mode = 1 AND s.sciencePrimary = 1 AND p.clean = 1 AND s.class != 'QSO' ORDER BY p.objid ASC The training set does not includes QSOs. The "blind" test set used at the end of the problems includes QSO data.

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