Comparative Field Qualification of ACM and ACSM Systems at Sycamore, IL

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The purpose of this comparative field qualification is to demonstrate the new Kelunji EchoPro hybrid ACSM system and its performance relative to the eDAQ and eko Motes systems. These three systems are installed at a test site in Sycamore, IL, adjacent to an active quarry. Data for this report was collected during a period between March 7, 2011 and May 13, 2011. The analysis includes a comparison of the long-term results for all three systems and a comparison of the dynamic results and noise levels for the eDAQ and the Kelunji EchoPro systems. Figure 1 is an aerial view of the site, and Figure 2 is a view of the exterior of the house with the exterior walls annotated. These photographs, along with the floor plan in Figure 6, will give a basic understanding of the site and test house layout. Figure 3 through Figure 5 illustrate the sensor locations throughout the house. The comparable sensors include the three crack sensors on the first floor shear crack and the second floor ceiling crack and the two crack sensors on the first floor seam crack. Also, dynamic data from the internal and exterior geophones will be compared. This report is organized into five major sections. The first section is a comparison of the three systems. The second section is the dynamic results from a blast event. The third section is the long term results of the systems over the period. The fourth section is a comparison of the noise levels on the eDAQ and EchoPro. The last section contains three appendices, one for each of the deployed systems.

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