Intercultural Exchange and Cultural Resistance in Sarajevo's Classical Music Institutions: A Recent History of Art Music in Sarajevo

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This document gives a brief history of classical music (Western art music) in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a focus on recent events and developments from the beginning of the siege (1992) to the present. Further focus is placed on the effects of Sarajevo's cultural pluralism on the city's largest classical music institutions, particularly the National Theater and the Sarajevo Music Academy. Lists of frequently performed repertoire and informal interviews with prominent Sarajevan professional musicians show that the classical music institutions in Sarajevo frequently promote intercultural exchange. Furthermore, music was used in besieged Sarajevo as a means of cultural resistance against hatred and violence. International media coverage of Sarajevo's musical activities since 1992 has inspired a worldwide production of academic and artistic works that promote music as a facilitator of dialogue and tolerance.

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