Short-Term Behavior Effects of Rebel Groups in Weak States: the Setting and the Model

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The object of this working paper is to present a new explanation for the behavior of rebel groups in relation to host communities. This study, which represents the main argument and ideas of my forthcoming dissertation, accounts for the change in rebel group behavior, from coercive to contractarian and vice versa. Specifically, this paper explains why current examinations and scholarly literatures are insufficient in their accounting for transformations in rebel group tactics vis-a-vis local populations. I employ a microeconomic approach to the analysis of these groups' behavior. The model presented herein has implications for the study of contemporary conflicts and provides insight into new forms of state-building. As such, the focus of this project is on rebel groups in weak states, actors that I argue are modern-day state builders. In capsule, my explanation is that rebel group behavior is directly related to the level of dominance the group has over local populations.

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