Non-Destructive Evaluation of a Deep Foundation Test Section at the Northwestern University National Geotechnical Experimentation Site A Report Submitted to the Federal Highway Administration

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Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) techniques have been used for a number of years to provide quality control of construction procedures for drilled shafts and driven concrete piles. In particular sonic echo and impulse response methods have been used extensively to check lengths and continuity of newly-installed foundations. In recent years, the need to evaluate conditions of inservice foundations has arisen as a result of rehabilitation studies of existing structures and the federally-mandated inspection of bridges. In some cases, the latter task involves identifying unknown bridge foundation types because plans for older structures have been lost over the years. Evaluation of existing foundations differs from the usual methods of NDE in that structures now cover the tops of deep foundations, and this structure alters the results of a NDE test as compared to one which was conducted atop the deep foundation.

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