Anthropological Vision and Research Logic: An Epi Info Primer

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The primer addresses interdisciplinary work on two levels. It outlines and exemplifies anthropological modes of thinking, and how those can be applied to numbers through the capacities of the Epi Info program. At a more practical level it uses particular material to guide the reader through setup and analysis. Section I briefly describes the relationship between sociocultural anthropology and quantitative methods, as these enterprises have been practiced in recent decades. Then, focusing on elements of thinking that could create a new relationship between the two enterprises, it considers some of the features of Epi Info that facilitate this. Section II describes an example from the Demographic and Health Surveys, contraceptive use in Sudan, where this type of thinking is put into practice. To supplement the DHS analysis and illustrate a critical feature of Epi Info, this section also includes a small piece from a survey from the Gambian projects1 that displays open-ended commentary. Appendix A provides some tips for fluid movement within Epi Info files. Appendix B, a technical section, descri

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