Comparison of Measured Crack Response in Diverse Structures to Dynamic Events and Weather Phenomena

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This thesis consists of the data and analysis of structural responses for two different studies: the Office of Surface Mining (OSM) study of the velocity response of “atypical” residential structures and the Autonomous Crack Monitoring (ACM) study. The main basis of this thesis was to do additional analysis on a select four “atypical” structures instrumented during the OSM study conducted by Dr. Cathy Aimone-Martin at New Mexico Tech. In addition, crack response between these four structures and three ACM structures was compared in order to further expand the study of crack response on structures due to long term environmental phenomena and dynamic events. The four OSM structures were instrumented with crack displacement sensors, in addition to the standard velocity transducers employed for the entire OSM study, in order to compare measured and predicted response of crack displacement for long term and dynamic events. Chapters 2 through 6 present the data and results associated with these comparisons. In Chapters 7 and 8, additional analyses conducted on two of the three ACM structures is presented. Chapter 7 describes the improved monitoring system of one of the ACM structures, were two different displacement sensors were instrumented and their responses compared. Chapter 8, describes the second ACM structure included in this thesis, which was instrumented in June of 2001. The third ACM structure is not discussed individually in this thesis; further details can be found in Seibert 2000. Finally, Chapter 9 provides a synthesis of the data with a comparison of all responses, in order to identify any common responses among the seven structures.

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