Field Qualification of Inexpensive Wireless System to Monitor Micro-Meter Crack Response for Structural Health Monitoring

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This paper describes the details of installation and operation of a commercially- available wireless system to measure response of an interior cosmetic crack in a residential structure over a period of a year. Wireless data loggers managed the response of low power draw potentiometers that measured micrometer changes in crack width. Systems like that described herein are useful to describe the performance of any component of a constructed facility that involves existing cracks such as bridges, building facades, etc. Four wireless nodes were deployed within and around a test home of frame construction to qualify the system for further field use. Considerations for qualification included: fidelity of the measured crack response, ease of installation, resolution of structural health measurement, length of operation under a variety of conditions without intervention, and ease of display and interpretation of data. The article first describes the components of the system and the measurement plan. It then closes with an evaluation of the considerations for field qualification.

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  • 08/14/2017
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