Blast Induced Micrometer Response of Cracks in Concrete Block Structures

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Blasting and climatological response of cracks are compared for structures constructed of concrete block typical of home construction in Europe. While much has been written comparing micrometer crack response of wood frame structures typical of residential construction in North America, little has been written concerning response of structures more typical of European construction. Responses of cracks in four different structures are compared with the following locations and (wall materials): Wales, UK (Concrete Block), Florida, USA (Concrete Block – 2 cases), Wisconsin, USA (Concrete Block and Stone). Time histories of micrometer response of cracks to both blast induced dynamic effects as well as long term climatological effects are compared. These comparisons show that even for concrete block construction without wood, climatological and home heating effects have greater influence on crack response than blast induced ground motions with a wide range in intensity.

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  • 08/14/2017
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