Probing the Performance of Mixed-Phase Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts: Synthesis, Characterization, Testing

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The performance of mixed-phase TiO2 was observed in an effort to test its practical use as a semiconductor photocatalyst. Synthesis of mixed-phase TiO2, characterization using xray diffraction analysis, monitoring testing using the gas chromatography-FID, and testing gas phase reactor were four techniques used in this research to evaluate mixedphase TiO2. Synthesis of mixed-phase materials was completed in order to compare performance with the commercially prepared and widely available Degussa P25. Since we were not able to successfully make a TiO2 sol during this research process, a previously prepared sol coated on ceramic tile was studied using x-ray diffraction. This characterization allowed us to identify rutile and anatase peaks within the samples. In order to test performance, a sample of Degussa P25 was used in a gas phase reactor that 2 was built during the research period. Acetaldehyde was used as a model reactant. Our testing found that acetaldehyde was fully oxidized within 20 minutes of being injected into the gas phase reactor. Gas chromatography–FID (GC-FID) was used in order to monitor the presence of acetaldehyde. Future research should include testing of noncommercially made TiO2. Experimental protocol should also be improved in order to have more samples taken from the reactor within the first 20 minutes of reaction time. 

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