Three-dimensional effects observed in an internally braced excavation in soft clay

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Several three-dimensional effects were observed in the performance monitoring data collected during excavation for the Ford Engineering Design Center (FEDC) in Evanston, Illinois. These responses are related to lateral deformations of the soil around the excavation walls, forces in the cross-lot and diagonal bracing that supported the temporary wall and effects on an adjacent building. These responses are presented and compared with results from current design method predictions. The excavator removed the soil in a non-uniform excavation process which impacted the forces in the internal braces. Results of three-dimensional finite element simulations of the excavation process are presented to evaluate the effects of properly modeling adjacent structures and soil elevations and accurately modeling the excavation sequence. Comparisons between calculated and observed soil deformation profiles and earth strut loading illustrate the influence of these factors on the observations.

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  • 08/14/2017
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