Dissolving Barriers: The Influence of Popular Music in Selected Twenty-First Century Wind Ensemble Repertoire

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Within the world of art music, composers have employed a variety of techniques to infuse popular music elements into their writing. This document is an examination of specific instances of this trend in twenty-first century wind ensemble repertoire. The study is limited to twenty-first century wind ensemble works by living composers (as of the writing of this document) that exhibit influences of Top 40s pop or electronic dance music (EDM). Each piece represents a specific compositional technique that demonstrates influences of popular music. Single by Jonathan Newman, Seeds of Glass by Benjamin Taylor, and Tight Squeeze by Alex Shapiro serve as examples for the techniques of transference, syncretism, and synthesis, respectfully. A definition of each compositional approach is followed by an illustration of each technique’s application. A brief conclusion follows, summarizing the similarities and differences between the techniques used to incorporate popular music influences within wind ensemble composition.

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  • 06/26/2020
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