Tudor Influence in Contemporary Music: A Comparison of the Music of Gabriel Jackson to Tudor Models

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This document will examine the influence of sacred, Latin, polyphonic, Tudor, choral composition on the compositional style of contemporary British composer, Gabriel Jackson. This examination will lead to an acknowledgement and discussion of the larger trend in 21st-century choral music to incorporate older compositional models into new works. The impetus for this study began in conversation with Jackson himself, who acknowledged receiving inspiration from Tudor period composers for several of his works. As a result, the author will examine the relationship between those works and their Tudor models. Jackson identifies the following as directly connected to Tudor music: A Vision of Aeroplanes (1997), Cecilia Virgo (2000), Salve Regina 2 (2004), Sanctum est verum lumen (2005), Ave Dei Patris filia (2012), and Missa Triueriensis (2012). Following the examination of these works, the author highlights representative examples of other 21st-century composers who have incorporated earlier stylistic characteristics into their work. The first goal of this project is to create a coherent narrative regarding the influence of Tudor music in Jackson’s own compositional style. The second goal is to identify and explore a trend toward the incorporation of earlier compositional styles in contemporary choral music and to situate Jackson within this trend.

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