Photoconductivity of Semiconducting CdS Nanowires

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Chemical vapor deposition was used to synthesize CdS nanowires via the vaporliquid-solid growth mechanism. After Ti/Au contacts were patterned to the nanowires using electron beam lithography, photoresponse studies were conducted. A significant response was observed when the wires were exposed to visible light; this occurred as electrons in the nanowires were excited across the CdS (2.4 eV) band gap, thereby increasing the flow of current in the semiconductor. The nanowires also showed a considerable photoresponse under varying light intensities. However, response rates due to turning the light on and off varied throughout our experiments. We believe the increased conductivity that was also observed can be attributed to the increasing light intensity. Based on these observations, this paper discusses possible applications of photosensitive nanowires

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  • 07/16/2018
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