Real Time Monitoring of Infrastructure Using TDR Technology: Case Histories

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Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) is a versatile technology amenable to a variety of measurements and nondestructive monitoring of infrastructure conditions. It can be utilized to monitor deformation of soil/rock and structures, monitor changes in fluid levels, and monitor water content of soils. Furthermore, this monitoring can be automated using systems controlled by a datalogger that acquires and stores data that can then be retrieved via phone line or telemetry. The principles involved in TDR measurements are presented in a companion paper and this paper focuses on case histories in which TDR was used to monitor deformation. These cases include, 1) cables in rock supporting a highway at one site, and a school building at a second site, subject to mine subsidence, 2) cables through scour critical bridge footings, and 3) cables in a deforming rock pedestal supporting a highway. These case histories demonstrate installation techniques, remote monitoring capabilities, and typical results. Other applications are briefly summarized to illustrate the diverse uses of TDR technology

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