Calculations on the Optical Properties of Layered Metal Nanospheres

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In this experiment, the optical properties of several spherical nanoparticles were observed. Particles were modeled using Mie theory, a set of equations that calculate the extinction coefficient of virtually any spherical particle. Initially this theory was used to model solid particles made of noble metals. As time passed, its scope was broadened to modeling coated nanospheres and other different materials. We attempted to observe many trends among the particles while changing their composition, core size, and shell size. We found that by subtly changing the attributes of the particles, we could significantly modify their extinction spectra. Finally, we attempted to model socalled “whispering-gallery modes” using Mie theory. The theory was able to predict their absorption and scattering effectively, but the programs employed were unable to model large, highly absorbing spheres.

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  • 07/17/2018
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