Volumetric Size Control on the Photoinduced Synthesis of Silver Triangular Nanoprisms

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The effects of volumetric size-control techniques on the photoinduced conversion of silver colloids to triangular nanoprisms were examined. It was hoped that through the application of size-control techniques on photocatalyzed reactions, a new method of controlling particle dimensions could be established. Initial work focused on optimizing the synthesis procedure in order to obtain efficient photoconversion to the desired product in the bulk. Despite considerable challenges at this step of the investigation, a generally successful synthetic procedure was developed. This conversion process was then carried over into micrometer-scale hemispherical wells in order to impose control through volumetric restriction. Ultimately, difficulties with solvent evaporation and reaction byproducts inhibited the conversion reaction. A second reactive scheme for the development of silver triangular nanoprisms was investigated as an alternative, but unpredictable reactive products limited its use in a volumetric size control scheme.

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  • 07/17/2018
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